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Get a Free Trial extension for feedback

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If you’d like an extended trial period (up to 6 months!) you can get it in exchange for feedback.

Here is how it works: Every one of our plans has a 30-day free trial, and, if you give us feedback about the service by the end of those 30 days, you get another month of free trial. More feedback means more months of free service — up to 6 months!

What counts as feedback? — Any and all of the following:

  • something that was confusing;
  • something that didn’t work;
  • something that was especially handy, and you’d like more like that;
  • something that is working, but can be improved in some specific way;
  • something that you expected to have, and it’s not there yet;
  • anything else that you want us to know.

Really, any idea or comment that you think can make this service better for you, is welcome and will be taken into consideration.

A plain old email is very welcome, and screenshots, video screen-recordings, or sketches are all even more valuable. Here is the email to send feedback to: