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Ghost email subscription vs. FeedSubscription

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The other day I looked at Ghost blogging platform, specifically I looked at their email newsletter functionality.

I have to say that it intrigued me as a publishing system: starting with the fact that one of the founders comes from WordPress, and positions Ghost as a WordPress alternative. — I had my fair share of WordPress “experience,” and I just can’t help myself say that I share their sentiment in wanting to do that. 🙃

I also admire that they declare themselves as “an all-in-one platform for creators to run their own website, collect user signups, publish private content,” and I give them a 👍 for that.

One other thing that intrigued me about their newsletter functionality specifically: it looks quite sophisticated and well documented both in context of their user interface, and its more technical aspects.

One thing that seemed a bit controversial to me—and seems to some other users on their forum—is this:

Bulk email delivery for newsletters is a new feature which requires a bulk mail API. Currently the only bulk mail API we support is Mailgun. source

…and, I think I understand how this can be hard to swallow for their users. 🙂

Anyway, in case this turns people towards looking in other places for blog newsletter solutions, I’m here to say that FeedSubscription is an alternative.

If you have a FeedSubscription account, embedding our subscription form into a Ghost website I imagine should be possible with their HTML cards: just copy and paste your feed’s code snippet.

I hope this is useful, and please reach out at if there is any issue or question.