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Upcoming features: short and mid term

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In the past weeks we had a few good email conversations with two of our more recent users. — Hi Pam! Hi John! 👋🙂

Based on these conversations, we decided to include a couple of new features in the feed management screens:

  1. Custom email subject
  2. Only email an excerpt of the post

1. Custom email subject

When you post something on your blog, our system automatically emails it to your subscribers. At the moment that email has the subject line filled in from the title of your post.

We’re adding the ability to customize the subject line: You will be able to enter your own text. Here is a sneak peek from our design file:

A screenshot of the upcoming Email Subject field

1. Only email an excerpt of the post

At the moment, the automatic email that we send out includes its full text, with images and all.

Some of our users expressed interest in having the ability to only send an excerpt of the post text, and provide a link so that they come back to the website to read it in full.

This makes good sense, so it will also be included in our development work for the upcoming couple of weeks. You’ll be able to set the length of the excerpt, for example 200 words.

Here is a sneak peek from our design file:

A screenshot of the upcoming Email Body field

This is a start

As with any development work, this is the first iteration. We’ll improve and extend it based on the further feedback from our users.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch at

Mid-term next steps

We are considering extending our user base to vloggers first, and possibly other digital creators later on. This is new territory and of course needs more exploration and research, but the general workflow should be similar.

We’ll post updates here, so if you want to stay up to date, please subscribe using the form below. 🙂