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A surprise feature: Subscribe Link, and progress on excerpts

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A frequent question that we found on community forums during this past week was this: How do I share my Subscribe Form on social media?

And while the question was quite valid, in many instances, the answer—though reasonable—was at the same time not very helpful: Well, you just create a page, put the subscribe form on it, and share that page’s link on social media!

Straightforward as that sentence sounds, it can be substantial effort for our users: depending on their website’s content management system, the level of functionality allowed, the technical skill required, and probably other factors.

So, to cross off all that headache, we’ve built the Subscribe Link feature.

How Subscribe Link works

Every blog feed registered in our system, gets its own Subscribe Link and its own Subscribe Link.

For example: This very blog is registered within the FeedSubscription system, and whenever we publish a new post, it gets emailed to our subscribers. The emails are sent from the feed’s own email address, which in this case is the following:

Now, the Subscribe Link for feed is this:

It gets you to a page that has your Subscribe Form on it, and it looks like this:

A screenshot of the Create Account page with payment details

Voilà! Now you can share your Subscribe Link—and by extension, your Subscribe Form—on social media, in emails, or anywhere you can share a link. 😇

If you’re wondering if this is like Mailchimp’s Signup Form Link, then you’ve guessed right. 🙂


As I mentioned in the previous post, one of the features in the works now is the ability to only send an excerpt of the article, with a “Read more…” link at the end, that will bring the reader to your website.

I imagine this is not going to always be the best option: it may make perfect sense to email the whole text of the article. It depends on every blogger’s particular context, so we’ll let you decide when to use it.

In any case, we’re making good progress on it, and we’ll keep you posted when it goes live.

Have a great day, and see you in the next post! 🙂