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Weekly Update 2: Reports

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I can’t help but say that I am proud of this week’s work so far. 😇

It’s been quite a challenge, but I’ve finally managed to put together the fundamental subsystem that will allow me to display detailed delivery reports for every campaign.

Specifically, this subsystem will watch the email-sending system (Postfix) and record each and every email sent. Having this recorded, I will be able to display a nice report about how many emails were sent, how many were rejected, and why. From what I’ve seen so far, reasons for rejection include:

  • the mailbox is filled to the brim and can’t receive any more messages, which I guess means that it’s abandoned;
  • some mailboxes get closed altogether, maybe the person changed jobs;
  • the email address may have a typo. 🤷🏻‍♂️

I will let it run for a few days, keep an eye on it, and work out the kinks. Adn meanwhile I will build the pieces necessary to display the reports to the user. 🤓

The upcoming big thing

The next big thing that I’m planning to work on is the integration with the Stripe payment processing platform. This will allow me to charge the paying customers, which is exciting for me in two ways:

  1. First and foremost this will allow money to come into this service and make it better.
  2. Stripe is a famous tech company, and only thinking about building this integration makes me feel warm inside. 😊 — I know, I know, this may not bi a big deal to my clients, but believe me: having a rock-solid payment processing platform is important.

Have a good weekend! 👋