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Introducing the Demo Account & free trials for paid plans

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Demo Account

To make it easier to try our service, we’re adding a Demo Account that will allow anyone to play with most of the service features, but without creating an account.

We’ve created a special sign-in link that automatically fills in the email and password: Demo Sign-in link, which is also available in the website top navigation as “Demo”.

Screenshot of the Demo link in top navigation

As reasonably expected, there are functional limitations for the Demo Account. Specifically, this is what is allowed:

  1. Add, edit, delete a blog feed.
  2. Manage and download feed subscriber list.
  3. See a sample email that subscribers get.
  4. See fees delivery reports.
  5. Embed the feed Subscribe Form.
  6. Use the feed Subscribe Link.
  7. See the Account section of the system.

…and this is what is not allowed:

  1. Change anything in the Account section of the system, like email, password or plan.
  2. Delete the account.

We hope opening up our service in this way is going to be useful for our customers.

Pricing Changes

We’ve replaced the Free Plan with a free 30-day trial period for all the paid plans. We’re making this change to align the offering with our business priorities, while also allowing people to evaluate our service before paying—the Demo Account feature goes to support this intention.

Our existing customers will not be affected by this change.