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Weekly Update 7: Payment System is live

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Yes, it’s been a productive week, and I’m happy to announce that we have the Payment System in place which means that anyone can sign up for a paid plan. 🤑

I’m posting a selfie here for posterity: 🙂

A screenshot of the Create Account page with payment details

One other thing that I had on my short list for some time is this: now a user can see a sample email from the most recent post on the blog.

A screenshot of the Show Sample Email feature

Smaller but still useful changes:

  • Made the website load quicker by eliminating a significant chunk of JavaScript (Boostrap.js).
  • Improved monitoring of the Delivery Monitoring subsystem (yes, “monitoring” is mentioned twice in this sentence 🙂).
  • Improved the navigation on mobile by making the Sign In link always available (not only in the “hamburger” menu).

That’s all for today. See you next week! 👋